Olympics Scavenger Hunt + Coloring Sheets


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The Olympics are here and I could not be more excited for the next two weeks of nonstop coverage. I will definitely be clocking some serious hours on the couch, crying pretty much the entire time. It is such an incredible thing to watch athletes living out their dreams on the greatest stage in sports. I'm a pretty emotional person, and the entire olympic journey puts me way over the edge. The montage videos of athletes growing up? The entire P&G ad campaign? It's too much. And I love it. 

As a grown adult I have no problem laying on the couch for hours at a time, but based on my limited knowledge of children, I believe the same can't always be said for our smaller counterparts. While we don't have any kids yet, I am so lucky to have five amazing nieces and nephews who inspired this little Winter Olympics project. Print these off, plop the brood down, give them a washable marker or two, and settle in for at least 10 minutes of entertainment. That's how parenting works, right?

Olivia HerrickComment