Marin Academy Admission Materials

Marin Academy is an incredible school located in San Rafael, California. They are a joyful, diverse, rigorous, and compassionate institution that provides a challenging academic experience while simultaneously encouraging their students to push the envelope. At MA, students: 

  • Learn with joy
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Work with, rather than compete with
  • Welcome diverse voices
  • Imagine a better tomorrow

I immediately connected with this list — especially given recent research that supports the concept of collaboration over competition. This NAIS article predicts that in the future, collaboration will be the focus of successful independent schools. 

I worked with Marin Academy to complete a series of four admission brochures that answer some of the key points they wanted to emphasis in their enrollment packet. The end result is a 7x7" square with vibrant, eye-catching content on the front, and detailed information and statistics on the back. Easy to use at recruitment events, affordable to print, and incredibly impactful. 

Olivia HerrickComment