Vellum Box 

Vellum Box is a monthly subscription box for book-lovers. Each box features a different theme and is centered around a beautiful t-shirt illustrated by a different designer. 

When working on this logo, we tried to avoid anything that was overtly "book-themed" in the logo itself. Mylene wanted something that was clean, had a handmade element, and felt familiar and relatable to her audience. The color palette is soothing, with flexibility to allow color variation, but a concrete foundation in comforting blue tones.

I decided to hire Olivia when I saw the previous branding packages she had created for other businesses; I liked the consistency and minimalist vibe. Also, I read her blog posts and her writing gave me a sense of trust. After that everything kept getting better. When she handed me the first drafts, she explained the reasoning behind the design, which means she took the time to do research about my business and audience. What Olivia created for Vellum Box is the face of my business and what attracts most of my customers in the first place. I sincerely recommend Olivia as your branding designer!

- mylene almeida • founder, vellum box